Our new puppy

A few week ago we got a new puppy – a ruby coloured Cavalier spaniel. It has been great for our children and is very loving, playful and gentle. I would recommend a Cavalier to anyone as a good family pet, as long as it has good breeding and you know the history. Trying to learn how to train the dog at the moment and get is to stop pooping on the carpet will be a major achievement! From the word go we have crate trained and put him in a fairly heavy duty dog crate at night, as he has had a go at chewing the bars. Although he can now obey simple commands like sit, paw, down and heel. They seem to be pretty clever dogs and learn fast. For more about using strong dog cages for training, follow the link.

Found this really helpful video below to help with crate training:-

More resources on dog crate at http://hounded.weebly.com

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