Our new puppy

A few week ago we got a new puppy – a ruby coloured Cavalier spaniel. It has been great for our children and is very loving, playful and gentle. I would recommend a Cavalier to anyone as a good family pet, as long as it has good breeding and you know the history. Trying to learn how to train the dog at the moment and get is to stop pooping on the carpet will be a major achievement! From the word go we have crate trained and put him in a fairly heavy duty dog crate at night, as he has had a go at chewing the bars. Although he can now obey simple commands like sit, paw, down and heel. They seem to be pretty clever dogs and learn fast. For more about using strong dog cages for training, follow the link.

Found this really helpful video below to help with crate training:-

More resources on dog crate at http://hounded.weebly.com

Pray for justice and peace

Just heard on the news this morning about the execution of American journalist James Foley by Islamic State in Iraq. This very sad news for his family and friends, but a worrying sign for any westerners who are in Syria/Iraq at the moment.. Pray for peace and that those who carry out terror against innocent people and ignore the Geneva convention will face justice.

Learn Ways To Avoid Debt And Improve Your Financial Future

Whether material items matter to you or not, finances hold an important place in everyone’s life. You can organize your money matters and create a safer situation for yourself by learning more about personal finances. After reading this article, you should hopefully understand how to manage your personal finances better and stay out of debt .

Spend time analyzing your incoming and outgoing funds to settle on a budget. First, figure out how much money you make in a month, after taxes. Your monthly income should include all earnings, not just those from your primary job. Always avoid spending more than you make to stay out of debt. If you live in the UK and you do get heavily into debt, one option to consider is getting a debt relief order application form.

It’s important to then figure out how much your monthly expenses are. Be sure that you include all of your car costs. Remember to include food, including stuff you make at home and food you eat at restaurants. Be sure to think of other expenses like entertainment and child care costs. You need to be as thorough as you possibly can be.

After you have figured out what your financial standing is, you can put together a comprehensive budget. First, remove unnecessary spending to avoid debt. Make the coffee at your house instead. There are all kinds of cheap but great flavors you can purchase in the supermarket, that make your coffee taste, just as well as the coffee in a shop. Closely examine your budget to find other areas where you can reduce your expenses.

If you have high utility bills, you should consider getting your home systems fixed or upgraded. There are a number of factors than can increase your energy consumption, such as poorly insulated windows or outdated water heaters. For example, wait until you have enough clothes or dishes to run one large load, so you are not wasting money continuously running your washing machine and dishwasher.

An excellent method of lowering your utility bill is to decrease your appliances’ energy usage. Do away with older models in favor of newer, more energy efficient appliances. This may also generate savings in the form of tax credits and lower energy costs. You should also make sure to turn appliances off when they are not in use. This can save you some more money.

Your walls and ceiling are prime areas for temperature exchange, so having your insulation and roof updated can reduce the number of times you need to use your air conditioner and heater. These changes can be expensive to implement but will pay for themselves many times over in savings.


Following these principals will help you live within your means, which can save money by eliminating interest payments on loans and credit cards. Updating your home systems can be costly, but the improved efficiency of your home will pay off in the end.

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